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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Data Management

Our Products

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Master Data Governance Platform

An efficient SaaS platform to organize business processes for all your enterprise data management needs. It serves to be platform agnostic with seamless integration into all ERP packages. Boost your authority over data sanctity with NIDUS™.


Inventory Data Audit Tool

Managing your periodical audits for warehouse is made easy with Inspector. Assign & monitor audits remotely in your mobile. Design & automate audit reports for your audit schedule. Experience hassle free inventory audit with Inspector.

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Spend Analyzer

Caught in the web of spend data? Try our user-friendly & intelligent dashboards to visualize your spend. Wide array of charts / graphs to represent various analysis on data extracted. Analyze your spends on a click with Spenzer.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

All our products are platform agnostic. Our API's integrate seamlessly with your data eco-system. Scalability is in-built within / across platforms under any instance. Our SaaS mode acts as plug & play for your IT environment saving time & cost. Drive your data path towards success with our solutions reaping desired results.

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